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Group Ride Classification Guide- 1H21

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Minimum Expectations on Group Rides:

  • Most group rides are no-drop rides, unless otherwise posted. This means that group leaders will wait at any major trail point for those that ride slower. We all have 'off' days.

  • All riders are expected to have sufficient water and nutrition to last the duration of any ride w/o impacting other riders.

  • Understand that all rides will break up into multiple groups based on varying levels of fitness.

  • Ride hosts may provide additional information and expectations for the ride they've put together. Some hosts are more XC oriented, while others are Enduro or Social oriented.


  • Recreational Pace: These rides are done at a slower pace. There will usually be 1 - 3 subgroups that break out, but expect to wait- or have waiting riders- at junctions and mid trail breaks.

  • Weekend Warrior Pace (Sport Pace): Suited for people with a good to high level of bike fitness. Accustomed to rides longer than 10 miles and climbing days of more than 1,500-2,000 feet of climbing. Can ride technical trails at varying levels of expertise.

  • EndurBro Pace: Better Technical Abilities- Rock gardens, drops etc. Session's EVERYTHING, baggy pants. Prefers gnar over climbs.

  • XC Pace: Long saddle days, high pace, lower tech, lycra, power meters. Prefers flow and climbs over gnar.

  • Pedal Time: There are two recorded times on any ride. Elapsed time and Pedal time. Elapsed time is the total time spent on the trail. Pedal time is exclusively the time spent pedaling (aka Move Time). A riders ability rests with how long they can pedal. This is in direct correlation to the level of fitness and endurance a rider has. MOST rides will be gauged on how much pedal time is expected to happen on a ride.

Ride Classifications

Level 1 Ride:

  • Recreational/Social Pace

  • 5-10 miles

  • <1,500 feet of climbing

  • Common trail rating of Green and/or blue.

  • 1-2 hour ride

  • Good recovery rides, beginners and socializing.

  • Example Trails: Highlands Ranch, North Table Mountain, Green Mountain, Marshall Mesa, Fruita, South Table.

Level 2 Ride:

  • Weekend Warrior Pace

  • 10-20 miles

  • >1,500 feet of climbing

  • Common trail rating of blue

  • 1-3 hour ride.

  • Example Trails: Ridgeline/ MAC, NTM, Red Rocks, Floyd Hill, Heil Valley Trails, Staunton, Stratton Open Space, CHUTES, Centennial Cone. 3 Sisters, West Magnolia, Oil Well Flats, Lair o' The Bear, East West Trail.

Level 3 Ride:

  • Weekend Warrior Pace

  • 10-20+ miles

  • 2000+ feet of climbing

  • More technical climbs and descents.

  • Common trail rating of blue and black

  • This class is upping the ante and maybe needs to be that ride where the people trying to get better go?

  • Example Trails: Hall Ranch, LHOHV, White Ranch, Bergen Peak, Apex, Buffalo Creek, Lory State Park, Red Rocks. Golden Gate PACE: Ridgeline/MAC, Centennial Cone, West Magnolia, Lair o' The Bear, Mount Falcon, Waterton Canyon CT 1 and 2.

Level 4 Ride:

  • EndurBro/XC Pace

  • 10+ Miles

  • 2000+ feet of climbing

  • Common trail rating blue & black

  • Fast paced ride.

  • No Pity Breaks.

  • Example Trails: Mount Falcon + LOTB, APEX, Hall Ranch, LHOHV, White Ranch, Bergen Peak, Chimney Gulch, Georgetown, Buena Vista, Black Jack, Lunch Loops (Ribbon).

Level 5 Ride:

  • XC and/or EndurBro Pace

  • 10+ miles

  • 2000+ feet of climbing

  • Fast paced. Few Stops. Technical climbing and descending.

  • Common trail rating of blue diamond, black, double black.

  • Race pace. Suited for those trying to train for a race or doesn’t like to wait or naturally just rides at faster speed.

  • Drop ride. This means if you don't keep up, people may not wait. Or, you may show up where they've stopped, but they're just making sure you're not dead or have a mechanical, and they're off again. Its expected that you know where you're going.

  • Example Trails: Any LEVEL 4 Trail at fast pace. Cub Creek, North Elk, Crosier, "Damien Shuttles", Lyons, SSV, Sour Dough, East Magnolia, Dakota Ridge, Left Hand, High Country Trails.

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